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Being a certified scuba diver is an amazing privilege that allows you to visit and explore the undersea world. Our classes are taught by the high standards and guidelines of Scuba Schools International (SSI), providing you with an opportunity to acquire and develop the proper knowledge and skills to become a confident, experienced, and safe diver. SSI certification is recognized worldwide and all divers are guaranteed the consistent integrity of the program.

You can't become a safe and comfortable scuba diver just by reading some online material and being shown skills a couple of times. Learning to be a diver and becoming a better diver requires practice. You develop Comfort through Repetition of skills, under supervision. The more repetitions you have working on your skills, the better prepared you will be to use those skills when needed.

Providing the most complete and enjoyable courses available is our goal, and our reputation stands firm in quality, customer service, and satisfaction. Neptune has been training divers for nearly 60 years! Come by for a visit and shop tour, and start your diving adventure today!


SSI Open Water Diver: Cost and What it Covers


Swimming laps on snorkel, without using hands.


Regulator Clearing. First day on scuba, making it look easy.
Comfort through Repetition.



The Giant Stride

Checkout dives at Ginnie Springs

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Imagine doing your checkout dives in what Jacques Cousteau said is the clearest water in the world! Neptune goes to Ginnie Springs when the water at the lake is too cold for comfort.

SSI Open Water Diver

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Instructor Ron

Instructor Frank

Instructor Bill

Plan for at least 4 hours of class/pool sessions each time you come for an Open Water Diver class. Contact a staff member if you'd like additional pool time for practice.

6 Week Course: Meets once a week, every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m.

4 Week Course: Meets twice a week, every Monday and Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m.

Contact the shop for the latest schedules.

Private sessions (one-on-one, or you and a small group of family or frends) are available at a cost of $450. Schedule determined with instructor.

Students must be at least 15 years old to qualify for full Open Water certification. Younger students at least 12 years of age may qualify for junior certification following preliminary counseling with an instructor. Junior certification is taught only at the discretion of the instructor.

Our classes are limited in size so that every student receives adequate attention. Being on time to class and making up any missed classes is mandatory to guarantee proper training. We are professionals and our program reflects our pride in the sport.

Diver Continuing Education

Your SSI Open Water Diver c-card is a ticket to lifelong learning and continuing education! Neptune offers a wide range of SSI classes to improve your knowledge and skills. Some of these are:

Many other SSI Specialty Courses and Programs are available on demand. Private sessions (one-on-one, or you and a small group of family or friends) are available. (*Some programs don't lend themselves to one-on-one, however.) Schedule determined with instructor. Contact the shop for details!