Scubapro SSI

Bahamas, March 2007

Photo Album

Some photos of our fantastic trip on the Gulf Stream Eagle. A CD-ROM with full sized images (including some not posted here) is at the dive shop.

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Is it a giant grouper, or is it Nicky?

The Sugar wreck. Photos are available light with a filter.
Can you identify this diver?

A fantastic, shallow wreck.

A friendly puffer that didn't bite Jean.

Simply, an underwater aquarium.

Matt. Three tours in Iraq courtesy of the USMC.

A sunny day in paradise.

Ron, the primier dive instructor in the southeast USA.

The same puffer.

What a great day!

Critters were everywhere.



It's so great not to be at work today!

A crab hiding from view.

Mike. Underwater beauty. Just ask.

Deep blue.

Beautiful coral formations

A triumphal arch.

Magnificent structures.

Randy and Cyndi

Lionfish were abundant. This one, caught at 97 fsw, was particularly bashful.

The lionfish's arse.

Another magnificent sunset in paradise.