Scubapro SSI

Memorial Day Weekend 2004

Photo Album

Here are some photos of our trip on the Rampage.

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On a clear day you can see forever!

This trip was all about seeing turtles. They were everywhere. Couldn't get my strobe to work.

The group went off and left me! Strobe still not flashing.

Saw lots of puffers. They bite...Gotta get that strobe fixed.

Hmmm. What's that they see?
An idyllic day in South Florida.
It turns out that the strobe works REALLY well once you remember to turn it on...

Going off and leaving the photographer behind...

Neptuners at sea.

Floating in the sea...

Underwater acrobatics?

Danny P.

Sponge city...

Teeming and abundant

Some sort of anenome?

Our leader.

A mysterious sea creature.

Ascent from the deep.

Loading back on the Rampage after a great dive

Another view.

Another aggravated puffer.

I think it's smiling!

Juvenile drumfish, courtesy of Jean P.

Too beautiful.

Don't know what it is.

A ray.

Mike on the safety stop. Hi, Mike!

Water, water...

...everywhere. This kind of shot is hard to do when the water won't hold still.

The Princess Ann.

Penetrating the Princess...

Note the Captain in the distance.

Coming out to greet us.

A terrific wreck.

John F. and Susan D.

More interior shots.

Silted up water.

Wish we could stay down longer.

Don't GRAB the ascent line!

A great wreck.

Neptuners getting saturated with nitrogen.

The Rampage and CPT Bob up top.