Scubapro SSI

West Palm Beach Area, September 2009

Photo Album

Some photos from Labor Day weekend. Absolutely perfect drift diving. The webmaster tried to sign up for the trip too late, so he and Susan went diving on the Loggerhead in Boynton Beach. Some good opportunities for fish ID. See how you do.

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A sponge getting ready to spawn.

Yes, there's a fish there.
Name this one.

Take a very close look.

Feeling crabby today?

That ain't smoke.


A yellow critter.

A flying saucer, coming in for a landing, looking for a bare-skinned diver.

Ask Susan D. about her encounter. Wet suits are a good thing.

Some kinda worm.


The Captain Tony, aka M/V Becks.

Easy wreck dive. Almost no current.

Nature's picture frame.

A macro shot of some little bitty coral.