Scubapro SSI

West Palm Beach Area, September 2012

Photo Album

Some photos from Labor Day weekend on the Narcosis. Suboptimal diving conditions due to Hurricane Isaac, but we sure had fun.

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South Paul's Reef.

One of the few survivors.

Murky water with low vis on Paul's Reef.

I survived Hurricane Isaac.

Sometimes, the water was so cloudy it interfered with the auto focus.

When the water's green, vis is low.

Just a little hard to see each other.

North Paul's Reef.

Chris and John.

The Zion Train, part of the Jupiter Wreck Trek. (The other parts being the Miss Jenny and the Esso Bonaire III.) Goliath grouper were everywhere. Lighting conditions too poor for a shot of the group with the groupers.

Inside the Zion Train. This one wreck warrants several dives for a good exploration.

Gorgeous coral.

Gotta come back to the Zion Train, again and again.

On the Zion Train.

Checking it out.


Ron found this one.

Wreck diving is fun.

It's hard to appreciate how big these guys are...

...or how many of them there were.

The Esso Bonaire III. Another one that's worth several dives.

An impressive wreck. Not enough air left to do a full tour.

Inside the Esso Bonaire III. Worth an entire dive to explore.

Captain Carl reef. Ask Jean about how she almost got bit.

Green, green. The color's green.

Dive with Neptune.

Posing for the camera. Next time, I try a closeup.

Looking sharp.

Underwater portrait.

A big thumbs up for a scuba weekend.

Still life.

Complete relaxation.

Look at those colors.

Down under.

Eric says hi.

Jean and Danny.

Scuba diving in the ocean.

Looking great.

Side shot.