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Roatán, June 2017

Photo Album

As usual Neptune divers took 1000s of photos and videos on this awesome trip. There were 60+ divers on 4 dive boats. Of the photos brought to the shop, here are the webmaster's favorites, in a special large size. Credit is given when I think I know who took the photo.

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Smile for the camera!

White is a good color.

Belated honeymoon

Tim, our divemaster, says Hi!

These guys are usually hard to find, but they were everywhere.

Spotted moray

Like diving in an aquarium

Nice coral

The Why Knot's TV star. Ask Greg about that.

Great landscapes

Having fun in the water.

Wolfgang from Austria

Fish ID?

Fish ID?

Making the webmaster hungry

On the bottom

Sometimes divers from "The Other Boat" encounter the webmaster

ID please

Love those swimthroughs

At the bottom, looking up

Having a great time

The Why Knot group

Caught in the very act. Ask Brett about that.

Splendid reef structures

Again, like being in an aquarium

The webmaster finally saw a seahorse after 20 years of diving.

Feeling crabby? Not under water in Roatan - it was great.

Billy has discovered neutral buoyancy!

Fish ID

Trying to blend in

Don't know what the red thing was

Another crab

Your webmaster really liked Spooky Channel

Great scenery

Diving in paradise

Love the structure here

How much does Billy love Roatan?

Greg, with clothes on and obviously not afraid.

Brett's 100th dive. Not sure about the clothes.

Arrow crab

Night dive!

Food for lionfish

Octopus at night

Did I say aquarium? Or is this even better?

This was supposed to be a shallow dive. Not.


Great eyes!

The kids got to go diving!

Course Director in the water! Never could talk him into diving with us.

Air check

Shore dive!

Good buoyancy already

Having a great time


This is all that we have for now. Bring your best photos to the dive shop, and we'll add them. Likewise, if you've submitted a great shot and it didn't get here, it's just an oversight.